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Steel Nested Kitchen Knife Set – Meeting

Meeting kitchen knife set by Mia Schmallenbach is both sculptural and space-saving. The knives look interesting and unusual due to their form. The steel cutlery rests on the rectangular steel or wooden stand.

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Meeting is a kitchen knife set made of steel. Due to its peculiar design the set is both space-saving and very unusual to the eye. The knife set was designed by and won an award and now sold by Deglon, company that has specialized in cutlery art since 1921.

Steel Nested Kitchen Knife Set - Meeting

Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, filleting knife and their block. They all seem to be sculpted out of one piece of steel. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence with as it’s base the average width of a hand.
This set was awarded the first prize of the Fifth European Award for Cutlery Creation and is edited by Deglon in Thiers (France).

These knives are not only functional and space-saving but they are always beautiful and stylish. They come in steel with steel and wooden stands and black Teflon. Each knife has a different shape that fits into another bigger one. What do you think about Meeting?

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4 Responses to “Steel Nested Kitchen Knife Set – Meeting”
  1. Kitchen Knife Says:

    This kind of paring knife sets are so cool,it can not be seen in our daily life.

  2. chef Xavier Says:

    where can i get this set?

  3. Arty Says:

    Hello, Xavier, thank you for writing us. This set can be found at Amazon or mcachicagostoredotorg. But I would contact Deglon to find out more about official retailers, if I were you, just to ensure the authenticity of a product.

  4. fero Says:

    That is unique knife. It will make the kitchen tools look complete

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