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Unusual Rugs From Fabrica And Tai Ping

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In collaboration with the Tai Ping factory the carpet manufacturer Fabrica created incredible nature-inspired rugs that were displayed during Designer’s Days in Paris. Inspired by raindrops, foliage, and trees these rugs look nothing like the conventional floor coverings.

Fabrica And Tai Ping Unusual Rugs

Unusual Rugs From Fabrica And Tai Ping

Foliage rug by Sam Baron

The line of nine rugs and rug creations has been sketched by different artists inspired by different things. There is a dog kennel covered with the rug, a tree trunk made of layered rugs, and a rug shaped as water streaming down the well.

Sam Baron’s Foliage rug was inspired by the fact that at the factory the rugs hang vertically like curtains as it’s more convenient for the process. The designer was inspired to make his rugs vertical and the green part of them looks both like tree foliage and moss.

Another inredible design is a Reservoir Rug by Dean Brown features not only the streams of water falling down but also rippling on the main rug.

Tree Trunk by Ryu Yamamoto is also quite an unusual creation. Shaped as a real tree trunk it’s made out of carpet layers of different shades that can be seen through the cutouts.

The Raindrops are held in place as they are fixed to a frame while the Fields stand up straight and feature tassels.

The amazing rugs look just like the sketches and as Baron notes each designer’s sketch represents a challenge which often borders on design madness’ but ‘nothing is impossible at tai ping’. The colors, the lines, and shapes have all been executed with the precision and this what makes these rugs and rug creations so unique and inspirational.

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