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Floor Covering Ideas: Carpet Tile

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Carpet tile is a fresh idea when it comes to floor coverings, that is basically a customizable carpet made of ’tile’. Thanks to the fact that carpet tile comes in individual squares you can make your own rug out of colorful tile and cover only the area you need. This is very convenient when it comes to buying a rug for unusually laid out areas.

Carpet Tile As Floor Covering

Cityscapes %100 Wool RugCityscapes %100 wool rug designed by Allt

Cover Any Area

Cover any area with a set of carpet tile. You can cover the floors partially or create an assymetric area rug that will look like an island against the rest of the floor. If your carpet tile is of angular shapes like this beautiful Cityscapes rug by Allt then the effect will be even more dramatic.

Mix & Match

The best feature of rug tile is that you can choose any colors or textures to play with. You can also create your own pattern using different colors or textures. Mix and match to get the best arrangement.

Create Own Design

As we mentioned above, the modular carpet allows more creativity that a ready-made one so be sure to use your fantasy and create your own carpet design using different tile colors, textures and shapes.

A modular carpet is certainly a great investment as it allows so much flexibility in terms of size and design. You can also choose only the colors you need to be in your carpet creating a perfect match for your existing interior design.

Carpet tile come with manufacturer’s adhesive that helps keep the separate tiles together in a unifrom rug. Modular carpets are also said to be easy to assemble at home, so be sure to carefully reading and following the adhesive instructions and have fun creating your own carpet.

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