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Skrivo Design Modular Divide System

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Room dividers can be very helpful in creating a private area in a loft or a studio apartment. Skrivo Design has created a modular Divide system that consists of numerous tinted wood sticks with metal inserts for attaching the sticks together.

Skrivo Design Modular Divide System

The Divide System is made of French oak, spruce and beech sticks in natural finish as well as tinted gray, yellow, and brown. Thus the Divide system can be disassembled and rearranged with a new shape and height. The sticks can also be assembled by colors to create a certain pattern.

The Divide system is a fun and playful way to change the room divider for different purposes or just because. What do you think about Skrivo Design Divide system?

Customizable Divide System:

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