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HAVET – Stylish Textured Cabinet by SNICKERIET

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HAVET is a stylish cabinet with patterend textured surface designed by Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck of SNICKERIET. The cabinet is made of pine, stained and lacquered. Inspired by ocean and wind the cabinet’s texture looks like seashells or waves of water.

HAVET - Stylish Textured Cabinet by SNICKERIET

HAVET cabinet is made in a traditional shape and of tradition material but the chiseled texture of the surface adds a whole new look to it. The light play shows off the beautiful uneven texture of the cabinet.

Textured furniture is a great way of adding and playing with textures. HAVET has a beautiful finish to it as well as it looks stylish and modern.

Stylish Textured HAVET Cabinet:

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