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Sci-fi Inspired Monstrous Barstool by Nikita Kolbovskiy

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This monstrous alien-looking barstool is a project by Russian designer Nikita Kolbovskiy. Sci-fi-inspired “Monstool” is a cool tribute to iconic alien sci-fi characters yet it is something different and fresh. The project is so intricate it could easily give a unique look to a conceptual club or bar.

Sci-fi Inspired Monstrous Barstool by Nikita Kolbovskiy

Monster + Stool
Monstool is a concept of a bar stool, inspired by nature and science-fiction. The image is based on such favourite themes of the author as insects, plants and animals, aliens and other fantastic creatures. Among the most outstanding “ingredients” would be chosen Giger’s Aliens, insects, giraffes, deers and pterodactyls. All of this contributes to coming up with a quite ergonomic and functional form of a product, that, I hope, can be easily imagined by looking at the presented drawings and schemes. The stool can be made of steel or aluminum with a black matte finish.

The Monstool has sharp insect killer legs, snail antennas yet sleek and elegant body. The futuristic shape is viewed by the designer in matte black metal finish. The three legs of this monster stool have two foot rests that prompt more comfy sitting experience.

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