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3 Coolest Nursery Items Every New Parent Could Use

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Early parenthood can be overwhelming so designing a nursery that will make it a little better is important. These three cool nursery items will not only make it easier for you to tend to your newborn but will also decorate the space.

Best Nursery Items for New Parents

Hollis crib

Under Bed Light System from Mylight

Waking up in the middle of the night to a screaming newborn is hard enough and switching on the lights just adds to the stress and hinders the partner’s sleep. A motion activated under bed light system could be perfect for a new parent to navigate through the rooms and get to the child and back without the need for bright overhead lighting or looking for a night lamp switch in the dark. Under bed lighting

Transparent Crib

Hollis crib is made of clear Lucite that allows parents to joyfully watch their baby sleep and move and play when it’s old enough. This is a perfect crib to place in your bedroom when the little one is still little. Boon baby changing station Newborns require changing multiple times throughout the day so a convenient changing station is just what a new parent needs in order to keep a baby happy.

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