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Painting Tips Part II: Work and Cleanup

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When you actually started to work with the paint do not start in the middle of the wall. Start at the edges first gradually filling in the middle area. Do not start a new can of paint in the middle of a wall as the batches of paint are most visible there.

Painting Tips Part II: Work and Cleanup

Using Brush

If you work with a brush take the biggest one you are comfortable to work with as it will cover the greater area and will keep the edges fresh longer.

Use the paint kettle to prevent overloading the brush with paint. Fill the kettle with paint so that only half of the brush bristles sank in.

Paint one section at a time drawing your hand vertically and smoothly. Keep the edges fresh as it will help achieve a perfect finished look.

Paint the corners outwards holding brush horizontally as it will prevent runs and paint build up in the corners. If the runs happen smooth them out with the brush or use sand paper and then make another coat.

Using Roller

If you work with the roller use the roller tray with paint covering only half of the roller pile. Move the roller back and forth in the tray distributing the paint evenly on the roller pile. Only then you can work rolling it smoothly and vertically.

Again make sure the edges are wet each time you paint a section. Finish painting by doing smooth strokes just in one direction (up or down) as this will create a good finished look. Treat the corners and wall edges the same as if you would do using brush to prevent the paint buildup.

Keep clean rugs and disposable foam brushes at hand to clean up the paint spills and drops. Don’t use foam brushes too much as with time they will come apart staying on the wall with the paint.

If you need to apply another coat wait till the first one dries to the touch. Otherwise it can ruin the work done before.


Washing brushes

Let your brushes soak in a can of water or paint solvent. It would be better if the brush hang in the can. You can do it by putting a nail in the brush handle hole. The nail will hold the brush while the bristles soak. Clean the brush making sure no paint was left on the bristles. Let hang dry the same way it soaked but without water or solvents.

To avoid washing the tray if you were using a roller, consider buying a tray a disposable liner or line it with aluminum foil. Thus you will save time on cleanup.

Let your painted wall dry for a month or more before touching it or let alone washing it. It may damage the coat and require some work again.

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