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House Turned Monster for Halloween

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Christine Mcconnell is a fascinating L.A. artist, baker, and photographer who loves creating unusual and beautiful things. Her latest creation is an eight-eyed monster with two rows of scale teeth and fangs, which also happens to be her parents’ house that she decorated for Halloween.

Monster House Decor for Halloween

Monster House

The artist created the eyes and teeth by painting and cutting out them out of a foam-core insulation board. The purple lids and green irises echo the house’s color scheme and a the teeth fit perfectly with the white porch railing.

At night the outdoor lights glow green amplifying the monster’s spooky visage that is also enhanced with big black spiders that are creeping up the windows and jack-o-lanterns that peek from the lawn grass.

Like with all her creations Christine made a beautiful photograph of the house standing right inside the monster’s jaws in a matching dress holding a broom.

Monster House evening

House at night

Christine Mcconnell creating Monster House

Monster creation process

See more of Christine Mcconnell’s works on her Instagram @christinehmcconnell.

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