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10 Spooky Halloween Wreaths

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Want to enhance your home for Halloween with some spooky wreaths? Here are the ten inspiring creations we found on the web. A wreath on the front door or indoors will instantly create a holiday atmosphere as well as great the guests.

10 Spooky Halloween Wreaths

Eyeball Wreaths

Create an eyeball wreath using ready rubber eyeballs or hand paint the tennis balls to look like eyeballs for your wreath. Add feathers to your wreath to create a feathered eyed monster like in the picture above.

Feather Wreaths

Feathers are great material for wreaths. They can be used not only as decoration but also for creating the body of the wreath. Use fake feathers to add volume, color and detail to your wreath.

Yarn Wreaths

Use yarn to create a base for your wreath. You can also combine several colored threads to create the needed color combination. Then you can attach anything to the yarn wreath from felt flowers to rubber eyeballs.

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Spooky Halloween Wreaths

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