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Grand Lighting: Chandeliers by David D’Imperio

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David D’Imperio chandeliers are as elegant as they are grand. D’Imperio‘s chandeliers are characterized by organic forms favored by designer and beautiful details. David D’Imperio chandeliers come in beautiful metallic shades of champagne, pearl white, wine-red, and blue. The shades have floral shapes which makes chandeliers look like flower vases hanging upside down with the florals reaching toward the ceiling or looking down to the floor. The Bluebird chandelier has a subtle bird shaped as the name suggests.

Grand Lighting: Chandeliers by David D'Imperio

David D’Imperio chandeliers are beautiful with their elegant details and lacquered and metallic finish. The chandeliers can be used in traditional, modern and luxury decor. Grand lighting is a one way of making a nice focal point in the room while adding a touch of luxury to the decor.

Each of David D’Imperio chandeliers has its own style and name. Orchis chandeliers by David D’Imperio reminds of flowers by its shape and details, while Hydra features spiky crescent details. Stella comes with engraved aluminum arms and wine-red lacquered body, while Pearl Teadrop justifies its name by its drop-like form in beautiful pearl white finish.

Hydra also comes in a tripled version featuring 6 feet in height excluding suspension. To see more visit David D’Imperio‘s website.

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  1. Cam @ Bedroom Chandeliers Says:

    I immediately looked at the pictures before even reading the article, and for a second I thought those were just vases. Very original and elegant. Thanks for sharing.

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