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New Type Of Lighting: LED Wallpaper

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New and fresh ideas are always something to look out for. Meystyle combined LED lighting and wallpaper together, which makes for a great decorating product. The studio that specializes in LED wallpaper and fabrics offers collections with numerous designs featuring various prints and patterns decorated with Swarovski crystals and LED lights.

LED Wallpaper Lighting

Meystyle LED Wallpaper

Meystyle LED Wallpaper Samples

Wallpaper is a great way to add warmth to the living space, but enhanced with warm glow of LEDs that effect can be that much stronger. This can also be a practical solution to energy-efficient illumination of the house during nightime.

Meystyle’s collection inspired by the Mayan predictions for the year 2012 consists of 22 unique wallpaper designs handcrafted in London. The designs are all inspired by the Earth or the Moon and anything that represents continuity and the life cycle, which makes for positive connotations.

This particular wallpaper design (displayed below) is called Scarab. It features a pattern inspired by the scarab beetles, which is laid against the neutral background and decorated with LED lights.

Meystyle Scarab LED Wallpaper Design

Meystyle Scarab LED Wallpaper Design

Wallpaper is a great way to decorate, add detail and texture to the interior. Enhanced wallpaper allows creating even more elaborate designs. Think photographic wallpaper and hand drawn silk wallpaper.

Meystyle wallpaper is installed just like the regular wall coverings. It can be done by a professional or a Meystyle team can be hired to do it.

The idea of illuminated wall coverings is becoming more popular as some other designers are trying out the idea.  created a LED wallpaper a few years ago that light up with a beautiful pattern. Lomox make OLED-based wallpaper that illuminate the room. LED wall panels can also be found on the market. Kvadrat created those in collaboration with Phillips.

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