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Sleep With Sharks In This New Airbnb Listing

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There are unique Airbnb listings and then there is this. The Shark Aquarium in France submerged under 10 meters of water and surrounded by 35 sharp-jawed killer fish divided from your own flesh by a transparent wall. The circular bedroom includes essentials and the breakfast is provided. All the other amenities are absent but in exchange you get to watch sharks and if you enter now you’ll get a chance to win a chance to spend the night in the aquarium.

Sleep With Sharks

Aquarium de Paris

The first in the world, Aquarium de Paris opened in 1867 and is located in front of the Eiffel Tower. The host, Fred Buyle, is a freediver, underwater photographer and shark enthusiast.

Unsurprisingly the listing features a few safety and house rules. The guests might not be younger than 18 years old or weigh above 190 kilograms (418 lbs). Shark are very sensitive to lights so no selfies after dark. Limbs and head should be kept inside the bedroom at all times. And no diving is permitted. Also no sleepwalking or night swimming, taking bait, or counting sheep to fall asleep as the latter can’t swim in the water.

You can read the contest rules on the aquarium’s Airbnb page and who knows, maybe become one of the three winners to spend a night in a tank. I wonder if it becomes a regular rent-able listing in the future though.

Shark aquarium observers

Aquarium bedroom

Aquarium de Paris interior

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