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Combined Furniture: La caracola Couch & Table

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La caracola is a beautiful couch combined with a round side table that can serve for writing and storing things like magazines and telephone. The eye catchy but elegant sofa features a small built-in side table that looks like a snail’s shell. The furniture piece is both very beautiful and functional.

Combined Furniture: La caracola Couch & Table

Created by Spanish company Fama La caracola is just one of their beautiful sofas that the company specializes on. La caracola can be made without the side table and comes in a great variety of colors and patterns. The idea to combine such two relative furniture pieces as the sofa and the side table is brilliant. The design is interesting and the forms are elegant.

Combined Furniture: La caracola Couch & Table

The company also makes creative and unusual chairs, seats and elegant beds. The furniture is featured in a wide range of colors and patterns providing customers with great choice.

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