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“Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

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Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. The project is called Windows.

“Windows” from Kimihiko Okada for Diesel Home Collection

Diesel Home Collection

Diesel Home Collection

Division of the world famous brand of clothing for young people specializes in products for home. Every season during several years it invites important architects and designers for cooperation. This time the Italian brand invited a local architect Kimihiko Okada to create a new collection of interior design and furniture Successful Living from Diesel, and also to decorate one of its leading stores.

The designer built a large-scale installation in the store, which consists of some minimalist, large and small, wide and narrow, square and rectangular windows. There are landscapes and abstract graphics behind the horizontal shutters made ​​of plywood. Shutters are scattered up and down, not in the traditional way. They function as shelves and showcases.

The new collection of objects for Diesel, as usual, was created inspired by rock and roll. Diesel furniture was created in collaboration with Moroso; lamps were designed with the Italian Foscarini; textile was created with Zucchi.

Kimihiko Okada has created a closed space in severe tones, full of unique objects of author projects, which lets the mysterious, enigmatic and attractive outside world get inside through the open windows. The windows opens unpredictable landscapes. You can open and close them at random, each time creating a new visual range in the space of the store. There are many variations, as the number of interiors that can be created with items from the new collection of Diesel Home Collection.

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