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Old Farm in Sao Paulo

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In the XIX century the money “smelled” with coffee in Brazil, and the owners of coffee plantations were no less rich and influential than modern oil barons. Brazilian landowners did not stint on the improvement of their homes. The average homestead at that time consisted of several buildings surrounded by gardens in the French style. Often there was their own church. Catholic immigrants from Portugal were religious. But even the most fervent prayers did not save their possessions from the decline.

Old Farm of XIX Century in Sao Paulo

Jorge Elias's house in Sao Paolo

Jorge Elias’s house in Sao Paolo

Coffee has remained one of the most popular beverages, but the era of “coffee wealth” is long gone. Plantation houses are dilapidated, replaced by more modern buildings. So the architect Jorge Elias was lucky when he discovered the San Carlos Manor not far from Sao Paulo.

The manor house, outbuildings and even a garden hardly changed over the past two centuries, and required only minor updates. It was a matter of technique for Jorge, who had nearly thirty years of experience in interior design and was in ongoing antique business.

He restored tiled floors, woodwork, and placed the authentic furniture in the rooms from his own reserves. They belong to different styles and in theory do not fit together, but for good reason America is called a melting pot of cultures. The house, for example, includes unpretentious painted cabinets, and next to them strict Ampire tables, elegant baroque chandeliers and dressers.

Besides that Jorge something on the farm still changed. The architect is famous for his hospitality. All his innovations had one aim – to have enough space for many people.

Two barns turned into guest houses, a large veranda with kitchen and outdoor dining area was added to the main building. And at the far end of the garden there is a pool. But this is the only deviation from the canons of the XIX century.

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