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1 Design Trick That Will Make Any Kitchen Better

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Desigining a kitchen can pose two main problems, a lack of budget and too many choices. Eventually you want the best result from either situation and there is one trick that works for them both. The trick is in using metallic hardware as accent and accessories.

Make Any Kitchen Look Better

Green and gold kitchen

Metallic hardware makes a great accent in any kitchen as it works with all the color schemes and gives the kitchen a luxe feel. The cabinet handles, stools, faucets, and lighting fixtures can all be chosen in one metallic finish from bronze to brass to rose gold and instantly redecorate your kitchen. First of all, these things tie all of the design together and secondly, it makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

You can also introduce metallics into an existing kitchen design for a quick makeover that will instantly amp up your kitchen’s glam appeal. The key to this trick is to have all the hardware in a matching metallic finish. Faucets cannot differ significantly from the bar stools. So be sure to choose them carefully.

You can use the same trick to glam up your bathroom. Metallics look great in small spaces and work in any color scheme, no matter dark or light.

If you don’t want to replace your faucet or other hardware that is more expensive opt for matching lighting fixtures and cabinet handles. This will do the trick.

If you want more impact the furniture legs such as in bar stools and bar counters can also match your metallic details. The rest is up to you as well, you can use display bowls, glasses, and clocks to amplify your metallic accents.

The beauty of this trick is that you can use it in simpler budget kitchens as well as in expensive luxe state-of-the-art interiors.

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