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Paisley Ornament in Interior Design

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Persia has always been famous for its wealth and luxury design. Echoes of the Persian Empire still reach our generation in the form of stories, jewelry and, of course, the original ornate. One of them is an unusual ornament called “paisley”. Literally it means “eastern cucumber”. But because the pattern of Persia moved to India, and only then – to Europe, Paisley became popular as “Indian cucumber”. Whatever it was, this ancient pattern nowadays reborn and has gained enormous popularity among the leading designers.

Persian Heritage: Paisley Ornament in Interior Design

Wallpaper with paisley ornament

Wallpaper with paisley ornament

Teardrop shape of the ornament complements any interior elegantly. Moreover, its charm lies in the fact that it can be made in any colors, and go well on almost any background: in combination with warm, pastel shades bright paisley will remind of its eastern roots and perfectly fit the colonial or Arabic style interior.

Supporters of the bright modern styles, in their turn, can use the “cucumber” print, which is made in rich, variegated colors. With this ornament you can even create a soft and lightweight design with white paisley on the delicate pastel background, which will look like lace.

Paisley ornament in textiles

Most often, the bearers of “Indian cucumber” in the interior become textiles, as it was in ancient Persia. Linens, pillows, curtains or tablecloths decorated with such ornaments can be both a complement and a bright accent in the design of a room. But there is one small condition: thick and colorful paisley in a modern interior does not tolerate with other ornaments. However this problem can be solved by an experienced interior decorator.

Paisley ornament in textiles

Paisley ornament in textiles

Wallpaper with “Indian cucumbers”

In the early 90s one of the most famous wallpaper manufacturers in the world Cole & Son used paisley ornament in its collection. And it produced an incredible effect. Designers were delighted with how the variegated “cucumbers” can complement and enliven the interior. This fashion trend is relevant to this day.

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