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New York Apartment Design by Karl d’Akino

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Designer Karl d’Akino who decorated this New York apartment based his design on a color palette: as he says, color is the clue that leads from one room to another. It differentiates his approach from other decorators, who use colors to express their creative position or the taste of the customer.

Colorful Design in New York Apartment by Karl d’Akino

New York apartment, designed by Karl d'Akino, living room

New York apartment designed by Karl d’Akino, living room

In the hallway you can see a rich ruby red carpet and blue walls. Then you encounter crimson chairs and red-blue paintings on a soft blue background. This calm tone reappears in the hosts’ bedroom (border of the headboard and the chandelier), and in the library well-maintained in red tones.

The customers, a young couple with two children, asked the designer to make the interior brighter. In addition, they accepted the news that the architect Francine Monaco (co-owner of Bureau D’Aquino Monaco) deprived them of the dining room, which was remodeled into the office. Now they have to eat in the kitchen, where there is a small breakfast area, or in the library at the small dining table. The hosts made some sacrifices for the sake of art: for example, it was necessary to remove a few interior doors so they do not obstruct the paintings on the walls.

The decor in the apartment includes antiques mixed with contemporary furnishings.

We love Italian things of 1940s, and a lot of them are here. When we could not find a suitable piece of furniture, we used to come up with making it by ourselves or ordered it.” Karl d’Akino said.

Also they decorated the kitchen and the laundry by Fornasetti wallpaper. And they have contemporary art in all rooms.

The owners of the apartment enjoyed the interior very much. Now they do not only live in the interior with a “twist”, but turned into real collectors.

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