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Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

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Map wallpaper makes for an interesting interior. It can be bright and colorful and detailed serving as a beautiful decoration as well as a great conversation starter. Map wallpaper can be used anywhere in the house for decor’s sake or for just for fun. It can also come as wall decor rather than whole wallpaper.

Kid’s Room

Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

Use the map wallpaper to create themed kid’s room design. The map look will definitely fit into the nautical theme and make for a great feature wall decor. It will also help the kids learn the geography faster in a playful fun way.

Home Office

Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

A home office or a study is also a great place for map wallpaper. It will always be at hand if you need it and it simply looks great, fresh and stylish. Again it might help school kids with their geography.


Map Wallpaper In Interior Design

The map wallpaper or art looks best in a wallpaper form rather than smaller actual maps. The maps come in different colors so you can create bright or neutral decor according to your tastes. Ancient maps have special allure and could be used to create vintage style decor.

Interior Designs Featuring Map Wallpaper


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