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19 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci

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19 Series is an amazing collection of bowls designed by Omer Arbel for Bocci. Using the sand casting technique the designer finds inspiration and beauty in ‘overspill’. Overspill is a by product which is cleared up after the project is done but in 19 Series the overspill is the central focus. All those quirky forms were achieved by this sand casting without clearing the overspill.

19 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Exploring the sand casting method of making metallic things Omer Arbel has created these amazing bowls that look like unusually-shaped mirrors. All these beautiful forms have resulted in letting liquid metal flow naturally organically making various unique forms, lines and curves.

Each bowl is original and different as there were no molds used to create the shapes that surround perfectly round bowls’ bases. The texture looks so rough and rusty it’s simply has to fit an industrial-style interior. But it will also add an edge to a modern interior design if you feel for these kind of decorations. The designer himself compares the 19 Series texture to frozen lava, which greatly contrasts with the polished base.

Omer Arbel has graduated from University of Waterloo School of Architecture in 2000. Arbel has high profile awards and apprenticeships with Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue and Patkau Architects. Bocci is a Canadian design company known for showing off their collections in world’s finest showrooms.

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