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TV Show Interiors: Castle

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TV show ‘Castle’ has some great interiors. The main character Richard Castle’s New York apartment is a modern spacious loft with stylish but cozy design. The elaborate one storey set design is built on a large stage featuring a living room, Rick Castle’s study, bedroom, and spacious kitchen with a dining area.

The apartment has a pulled-together look thanks to cream dark brown color scheme. Even the brick wall has no rusty red look to it but is painted cream white. The Castle’s study room with a bookcase wall and multiple framed artworks feature a a metal leg desk with a brown leather chair and a cream white fuzzy rug. The main focal point of the room of course is “Lucee Charlemagne Staircase, Down View” and from Voila! Art for the Modern Eye.

teriors: Castle

The bedroom is hidden by walls with built-in bookcases and behind a modern steel red door. The bedroom’s feature wall is covered in metallic checkered pattern and the bed is enhanced with tufted leather headboard.

teriors: Castle

The big windows are covered with shutters and brown orange curtains. The nightstands at both sides of the bed feature open shelves and glass tabletops. In the corner there is a huge floor vase that adds to the dark color scheme of the room.

teriors: Castle

Another character of the series Kate Beckett got a new loft apartment with a big wall painting by pop surrealist Alex Gross, retro blue gray sofa, and beige curtains. The red checkered rug adds a pop of color to the beige room along with some throw pillows and a wood-framed leather chair.

teriors: Castle

The kitchen that is opposite to the living area features an absolutely beautiful table from HD Buttercup, which also doubles as a kitchen island, big white two-legged sink, a stove by Rais, and Lamps Plus lights.

teriors: Castle

Another painting from Merry Karnowsky Gallery decorates the metal plated feature wall with a built-in stainless steel refrigerator and wooden cabinet doors.

teriors: Castle

‘Castle’ Set Designs

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9 Responses to “TV Show Interiors: Castle”
  1. josh Says:

    what type of fireplace is that on Richard Castle apartment, is it NG? what is the brand?

  2. Darren Says:

    Do you have a high res photo of Castle’s studyroom / office that I could use for desktop wallpaper? Thank you!!

  3. Vivian Says:

    Hey, Do you know the name of the print that hangs in Castles Living Room right on the staircase. It is a large print of a train station. Would love to get a copy of it. Thank you.

  4. jonathan white Says:

    where can I get the insect art work on castles wall at.

  5. Susan Ownbey Says:

    What is the wall covering in kitchen/living area that looks like heavy textured wallpaper or tile with depth to it.

  6. Bryan Says:

    Would like to know who is the artist and where can I get a print of the picture hanging on Richard castle’s staircase.

  7. Aislinn Says:

    What is the elephant picture in his bedroom? I want one for my house

  8. Mona Liz Says:

    All the infor that was available is the post guys. Apologies.

  9. MarieLaure Says:


    I am in love with the print of the elephant in Castle’s bedroom. I saw that someone else inquired about it and I am hoping you have a website or artist name!


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