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Perforated Tear Off Wallpaper

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Wallpapering is not particularly pleasant and creative process, but with this unusual material you can easily create original patterns and designs directly in the process of wallpapering. Latvian designers from Znak developed innovative modular wallpaper with “tear-off” effect. This means that the wallpapers are created with specially designed perforations.

Perforated Tear Off Wallpaper from Znak

Tear Off wallpaper from Znak

Tear Off wallpaper from Znak

During wall coverings you can tear off pieces of fabric in a given perforation, thus creating your own unique space design. This wallpaper is made ​​of nonwoven fabric with the already applied adhesive backing. Forms of patterns are soft, rounded, inspired by the transformation of snakes.

The main feature of this product is a wave pattern created on its surface by special tear-off perforation. You can show the pattern, alternately taking off strips. The resulting gaps in the wall allow you to see the wall under the cover. For more expressiveness the wall can be painted in a contrasting color or you can apply an abstract illustration on the surface. Besides the wallpaper allows you to experiment directly with the pattern. By selectively tearing the strips, you can create your own unique pattern, which will be a spectacular part of the decor in the room.

Color and texture of the surface under the wallpaper is very important for a truly unique interior. For example, you can allow your child to paint the wall in the nursery. Fortunately there is no limit. Then apply the Tear Off wallpaper on the painted surface and tear off the perforation. That will give a very interesting one-of-a-kind design.

Tear Off wallpaper from Znak

Tear Off wallpaper from Znak

You can tear off as narrow strips, as major elements of the perforations, creating a lace-looking pattern on top of colored or monochrome walls, windows or mirrors.

The collection of this unusual wallpaper called “Tears off”, was created by young guys from Znak in collaboration with popular Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese and German designer duo Studio Hausen.

Wallpaper “Tears off” provides a unique opportunity for everybody to feel as a designer, to express their imagination and get untold pleasure from merry creative process. The unusual structure of Tears off wallpaper allows you to create a unique architectural drawing.

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