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Urban Paradise in Spain

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This loft in the Spanish city of Terrassa is a former commercial real estate, which the architects Egue & Seta turned into a living space. The first thing that catches the eye in the house is a garden. As soon as guests step on oak flooring, their attention is drawn to the green zone. It is very similar to a huge aquarium, but instead of fish emerald green leaves and flowers are floating in the rays of light.

Spanish Loft: Urban Paradise in Spain

Loft in Terrassa, Spain by Egue & Seta

Loft in Terrassa, Spain by Egue & Seta

The garden of native trees of different heights is a real hedge located along the windows, close to the blinds with vertical wooden slats. By the way, it is almost all over the house.

Living room

There is a concrete U-shaped notch next to the “aquarium” at the entrance, which was easily converted into a comfortable sofa due to the designer handmade cushions. From the living room you can see not only the inner garden, but also a dining room with kitchen, raised above the level in comparison to the living room.

White and neutral surrounding walls are interrupted with steel veneer, which adds depth to the general appearance of the interior, and makes good combination with a handmade sofa with leather seats and backs of gray wool.

Dining Room

Dining space is illuminated by two beams of spherical bulbs: they hang from the high ceiling of concrete, which is reinforced with metal beams. In the middle there is the magnificent table Bedrock Plank A from Italian brand Riba 1920, surrounded by chairs from Eames.

By the window on the left there is a decor item, which cannot be missed: one of a kind bike, restored by the family masters.


The kitchen is behind the dining room. It looks rigorous and at the same time elegant due to the shiny surfaces of stainless steel on the cabinet fronts and side panels.

At the same time, the countertop made of natural wood gives the space a feeling of warmth and coziness. At a time when you need something to cook, it is very practical and convenient.


The master bedroom and a bed with a headboard stand out for their unique and at the same time very simple design. The headboard was custom made of oak and metal sewer gratings.

Behind the bed there is a wardrobe of black and gray laminate. Inside it there is a full size mirror, creating an optical illusion of more space, as well as a soft dark carpet.


The elongated rectangular shape of the bathroom is designed symmetrically. Thus, there are two toilet seats and two separate sinks. There is a common shower tray with a ceiling shower-spray.

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