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Christmas Decor In Pink

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Traditional Christmas colors are red and green and they are always bringing the holiday spirit but if you want to try something different this year, go with pink. Pink is a great alternative to red color and can also be mixed with lighter green hues.

When choosing the pink for Christmas décor see if it will fit your house’s color scheme. Pink decorations look great in matching color schemes as well as in white interiors and gray rooms.

Christmas Decor In Pink

Color Matches

A great color match for pink is gray. These two look well together but still gray can be a little less festive. You can pair pink with white, light blue, green/mint, yellow, and purple. You can also use more than two colors to create a an interesting color scheme where the pink is a dominant color.

Pink Tree

You can go with the pink Christmas tree with green or blue ornaments or decorate a white tree with pink baubles. Options are numerous. A non-green tree is a great decorative option and a beautiful alternative to an artificial green tree.

Garlands & Ribbons

Garlands and ribbons are an easy way to bring color into décor. Hang them on the mantel or decorate a Christmas tree with them. Wrap the Christmas gifts in pink paper to match the color scheme of your holiday décor.

Pink Christmas Decor

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