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‘Entourage’ TV Show Set Designs

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TV show Entourage though, completed had very stylish interiors so we’ll take a look at them for some inspiration. One of the most impressive sets on show was a Tuscan-style villa which was sold at $4.2 million after the show ended. Finished with dark wood and sand color walls the villa features a luxurious swimming pool, a bedroom with an entry to the garden and a kitchen with a breakfast counter top.

'Entourage' TV Show Set Designs

Other interiors include Vincent Chase’s modern house in Hollywood Hills, Ari Gold’s spacious office, and many other interiors seen on the show. The Chase’s house has great glass windows that open up to the views of the green city landscapes.

'Entourage' TV Show Set Designs

The Golds’ bedroom is quite traditional in yellow color scheme with red and black accents in curtains, bed linens, and furniture. There is also a vintage cupboard with the bureau and a corner fireplace with a decorative mantle.

'Entourage' TV Show Set Designs

The studio president office is designed in modern style and yet finished with wood. An office desk stands with its back to the window den and the leather furniture set adds luxurious touch to the office.

'Entourage' TV Show Set Designs

‘Entourage’ TV Show Interiors

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2 Responses to “‘Entourage’ TV Show Set Designs”
  1. Veronica Abel Says:

    About 13.5 minutes into Season 6 Episode 9 there is a piece of artwork on the wall behind Kevin Connelly/E and Peter Stormare that I LOVE! 🙂 I’d love to know how I could find a print; all I can read is the word ‘knowing’. I will scour my email hoping for a reply 😉 Thank you! x

  2. JED Says:

    The reddish brown leather couch in Ari’s 1st season office … would anybody know anything about that design & (or) where it came from?

    I’ve recently moved into a 116 yr old house that I’m building & buying new furniture for. I’m keeping the house itself as original as possible w/ the high ceilings, mortise-lock interior doors w/ transoms, ginormous floor to ceiling windows w/ transoms, wide & nicely detailed baseboards & moldings, etc.

    The twist is more modern furnishings & art.

    A little kinky, I know, but the effect is interesting & fun …

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