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How To Use Large Driftwood In Decor

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There is something about untreated (almost untreated) naturally shaped wood pieces that is both elegant and raw. They are gorgeous simply as they and they make for great base for home decorations, furniture, and accessories.  While small driftwood can be used to make candlholders, mirror and artwork frames, and other smaller items the large slabs can be used for so much more.

Driftwood In Decor

Driftwood headboard

Minimally treated headboard

Massive driftwood may be difficult to come by and requires treatment before use to ensure that it serves for long and doesn’t go bad. But if you happen upon a slab of such delicate material you’re in luck because your interior will never look dull or unimpressive.

The best thing about driftwood is that it’s so unique you won’t find two similar pieces. It also requires an eye to spot the right piece and hands of an artist to treat it enough but not too much to preserve its natural beauty. But all is possible. With a little effort you can acquire a beautiful tabletop or base. There are websites that deal in beautiful driftwood pieces small and large. If you’re living in forest-y area you can find broken, discarded wood there. If you can’t treat it yourself you can hire someone to help you prep your unique piece for wear and tear.

Now for the best part. Large driftwood makes great tabletops, countertops, vanity tops, and headboards. They look impressive, expensive, and really hard to miss. Also if you happen to come by a slab of driftwood for free all you’ll have to pay for is treatment and carpenter work (if necessary).

If your driftwood piece isn’t flat and monolithic you can use it as table base, lamp base or simply as a display object.

Varnish will add some luster to your driftwood making it look natural yet still glossy and new. If you want something custom-made and particular a minimally treated wooden piece can also look beautiful though may cost more.

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