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Architecture: Prefabricated Buildings

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Small prefabricated buildings are becoming more popular as people are seeking to add some living or working space to their homes. A prefabricated building is constructed in modules and panels that can be easily shipped to the site and assembled rather than built on site. Some of such houses can be mobile but mostly they are set on foundation just like regular houses.

Prefabricated Architecture:

Architecture: Prefabricated Buildings


A prefabricated home is not a new idea but still not very widespread although definitely gaining popularity again. There are quite a few advantages of a prefabricated house such as less time used for construction, customizable, better quality control, less waste. A prefabricated house can be expensive but the cost also depends on the design and materials used for its production. The downside to the prefabricated houses, say the experts, is that they don’t sell because it is hard to set the price for them.


A cabin makes for a perfect hideout where you can create a home office, studio, workshop, or simply a space for rest, contemplation, art, and work. A prefabricated cabin can be customized to have any features to it such as a fireplace, a shower or simply an electricity-powered room with a desk and a sofa. False Bay Writer’s Cabin with glazed walls allows enjoying the views outside and has additional removable wooden protective walls.

Guest House

If you don’t want a prefabricated house you can have a prefabricated guest house installed near your home to accomodate visiting family and friends. Styles and features are limitless as you can choose to add anything to your prefabricated building.

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