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Painting Tips: Paint Sheen And Preparations

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Paint can have various textures so choosing a right sheen is important. You might also want to prepare well before starting painting. Each of the following sheen can be used in various areas depending on what you want to express and what functions you need the paint to perform. Some paints are easy to wash than the others.

Painting tips: paint sheen and preparations

Flat sheen is dull and is perfect for hiding wall imperfections. It can be used in such low-activity areas as hallways, ceilings and bedrooms.

Gloss paint has glossy sheen. It is suitable only for even flawless walls or small areas as trims.

Semigloss paint is less shiny than gloss paint. It is great for areas with high moisture content and where cleanup is required.

Eggshell (also known as satin and low-luster) is a bit more reflective than flat paint.

Consider the following preparations before you start painting:


Brushes can be synthetic- or natural- bristle. Oil-based paints can be used with natural- or synthetic-bristle brushes, while latex paint should be used for synthetic-bristle brushes only. There are many shapes and sizes of brushes.

Wall brushes are 3 and 4 inches wide are good for flat and wide surfaces such as walls. Sash brushes, 1-1/2 inches wide are angled and used for complex areas with details. There are also trim brushes with straight edges that are used for painting doors and windows.

TIP #1: The brushes with a flat-end hold less paint that those with tapered end.

Same with rollers, there are two kinds of those – synthetic and natural and when it comes to paint choose a roller as you would choose brushes.

TIP #2: If you have to paint a rough surface the roller nap should be long. The rougher the surface, the longer the nap should be. Roller quality test: squeeze the roller and if it’s good it will get back into its shape quickly.

TIP #3: Tape can be handy while painting. Cover everything you don’t want to paint with tape. Making a hole in the paint can’s rim with a nail or something sharp will help prevent the paint from staying in the rim.


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