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How To Decorate With Neutrals

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We talked much about adding color and creating bright home decor. But if you like more pastel and neutral designs here are some tips on how to decorate with neutrals. Neutrals are great for setting a calm mood in the room. They are also great for creating cozy and warm interior. Here are some tips on how to create a stylish decor in neutrals.

How To Decorate With Neutrals

Choose Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme that will be used in the room. Opt for interesting neutrals. Not simply gray, white or black. Go for grayish blue, brown and purple based grays, gray-based whites and green with mustard or blue undertones. Choose a paler or more intense shade or other neutral to mix with with the main color. This will make the room more interesting and diverse.


You may use the additional neutral(s) to highlight the architectural details like doorways and trim work. It will make them standout while these neutral(s) will contrast with the main neutral color of your choice.


To make the room more interesting add accents and accessories. Opt for deeper shades of colors that are used in the color scheme and use them to add accents to the decor. This will make the room more stylish, finished and cozy.

Bold accents also stand out greatly from the neutral-based color scheme like bright pink or yellow in a black and white room. Think artworks, accessories, decorations and small furniture items as accents.

Brighten Up

If the all-neutral color scheme doesn’t work for you opt for neutrals only in walls or only in furniture. Thus the brights and neutrals will balance each other. Mix and match the right brights and neutrals into a unique color scheme.

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    The house has really great interior design. I really liked the way they have used little bit of red in full white room.

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