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Moroccan Tile in Interior

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Oriental bright and colorful, stylish and sleek Moroccan style attracts by its extraordinary originality. While steeping in its atmosphere, you can feel the comfort and faint aroma of spices, coffee and shisha. Today we are once again talking about the Moroccan style. Earlier we introduced you with its features, and now we offer to enjoy the beauty of zellige tile, which is extremely popular today.

Moroccan Tile in Interior Design

Zellige, Moroccan tiles

Zellige, Moroccan tiles

Tile with oriental accent

Zellige is an art of painting and mosaic. It is made by hand of clay. Masters paint small plates with multicolored enamel. It is very laborious and delicate work, which justifies the high price and exclusivity of Moroccan tiles.

It is made in the form of octagons, squares, triangles, crosses, hexagons and lozenges. After that, you can create true works of art by adding small pieces of mosaic, while respecting the integrity of the traditional Morocco composition.

Intricate patterns

Another spectacular feature of this tile is ornaments. As it is known, in the Eastern world it is not allowed to depict animals or humans. That is why Moroccan tile abounds floral and geometric patterns. Here you can meet complex symmetrical patterns that are subject to special mathematical algorithms and combinations of colors.

The most common of Moroccan patterns are abstract flowers and six-pointed stars, and various arrangements of geometric shapes.

Zellige, Moroccan tiles in a bathroom

Zellige, Moroccan tiles in a bathroom

Juicy shades

Eastern culture attracts many Europeans with its brightness, rich colors and bright accents. Moroccan tiles on the plates may include colors like bright green, coral, yellow, deep red and cobalt blue. They blend perfectly with terracotta, sand and ocher hues, the traditional colors for Moroccan style.

Contrasting colors on tiles are interestingly combined: blue and red, ultramarine and white, emerald and white.

Universal elegance

Another distinct advantage of Moroccan tiles is its versatility. It is used for facing balconies, fireplaces, stairs, fountains, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Such tiles can be seen even in the bedrooms. It can be placed on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, and even on furniture. It can be used for large canvases, as well as for small accents.

It looks spectacular in different styles, even in the popular Scandinavian style. It is interesting that not only traditional zellige tiles are used in modern interiors, but also their imitation – ceramic tiles painted in Moroccan style, wallpaper with oriental ornaments, textiles with geometric shapes inherent to Islamic culture.

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