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Japanese Panels: Minimalism and Versatility

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Today Japanese panels are very popular worldwide. They are very beautiful, their colors are so varied that they can suit any interior, transforming it, creating a unique image of the room and a custom, oriental flavor. Moreover, with the help of the Asian curtain panels you can solve issues of redesigning the apartment space, dividing it into different areas by function.

Japanese Panels in Interior Design

Japanese curtains on windows

Japanese panels on windows

Japanese curtains are flat and whole cloth (lamellas), which come with the rigid inserts above and below the curtains. With these inserts, the panels can move freely along the eaves, without folding up and remaining completely straight. With the help of a special mechanism the panels can move very smooth. They may be placed in the center, or moved to one of the sides of the window. Japanese curtains are light and weightless, as they are made of a special fabric, usually transparent.

Japanese panels are controlled as vertical blinds. The only difference is that they are not able to roll out and the fabric is much wider. There is a possibility of combining Japanese curtains: combining panels made of heavy and light fabric, changing the order of the fabric on the cornice. You can manage these curtains using a cord or a motor. Although the panels can be fixed if needed.

With the help of Japanese curtains you can not only decorate windows and doorways. Japanese curtains are multifunctional. They can be used to emphasize certain style solutions in the space, to separate different areas: dining room and living room, bedroom and computer area in the children’s room, kitchen and dining room.

Japanese curtains used to separate  kitchen and dinig room

Japanese panels to separate  kitchen and dinig room

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