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Curtains Glowing at Night

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Modern designers increasingly use the magical power of light in interior design. They illuminate objects; create glowing wallpaper; emphasize the beauty of decorative elements, using lighting.New technologies have allowed producing an unusual fabric: it is capable of emitting a gentle glow in the dark. In order to give the fabric glow, the inventors used optical fiber with a good conductivity instead of transverse threads.

Illuminating Curtains in Interior Design

Luminous curtains by French designer Clementine Chambon

Luminous curtains by French designer Clementine Chambon 

Illuminating fabric is so captivating for designers that they began using it for making decorative pillows, furniture finishing and even tablecloths.

The first LED-based fiber fabric was patented in 1998 by Hiroki Sadato and Kiminobu Yamamuro from Japan Gore-Tex, Inc. For that period the fabric could accumulate light during the day and release it at night, and of course it could fluoresce under certain lighting.

In 2004, French designer Clementine Chambon took the fabric as a basis and established a new kind of luminous curtains. However, in daylight such curtains looked more like fishing net. Also these curtains had no possibility of power supply from the power source. This meant that if the weather was cloudy during the day in the evening you would see the same “fishing net”.

Later in 2006 a French company LumiGram appeared on the world market with its luminescent fabrics, also produced on the basis of fiber. The founder and creator of this collection is designer Jacqueline Lumi.

Luminescent curtains by LumiGram

Luminescent curtains by LumiGram

The manufacturer claims that the fabric can be washed and cleaned after removing the battery without resorting to special technologies. Speaking of batteries, they are used as a power source; charge lasts a long time, because the amount of energy consumed is 4.5 V. Therefore, there is no risk of electric shock. The fabric is not heated during operation.

It is possible to connect the remote control to change the color of fabric. The company also produces clothing, tablecloths and various accessories, such as cushions and bags.

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