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Changing Interior Design Using Magnetic Wallpaper

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As you know, wall decorating can fundamentally change the interior design. But wall decoration is a too time-consuming and costly process. You can not use it often. Also it is difficult to change the position of wall shelves and paintings if they have already been allocated to their specific spots. But the ability to quickly and easily change the appearance of the walls is still there. This can be done by means of magnetic wallpaper. In today’s market wallpaper with magnetic properties is a relatively new kind of decorative material.

Make Your Interior Look Different Using Magnetic Wallpaper

Magnetic wallpaper

Magnetic wallpaper 

According to the developers and manufacturers of the magnetic wallpaper, this material is completely harmless and has no adverse impact on the human health or the operation of various electrical appliances.

Magnetic wallpaper differs from standard wallpaper by presence of a special coating – ferritic vinyl, which, in its turn, has magnetic properties. The wallpaper can be equipped with different magnetic elements.

The outer layer is made of paper. Magnetic wallpaper is produced in a wide variety of colors. Also different patterned and plain models are available. Magnetic wallpaper is used in wall decoration. In consequence, you can place decorative elements on the wall. So you may perform a quick change of the boring room décor by replacing the decorative elements and their positions: paintings, photos, toys, etc.

Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng

Magical Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng

If you decide to transform the ceiling with decorative elements, this wonderful finishing material will also help in this case. In public buildings or offices such magnetic wallpaper can be used as a bulletin board.

A kid’s room can be considered the most successful place for using magnetic wallpaper. Children love posting drawings and posters on walls.

Designer Sian Zeng figured out how to make an interactive platform for games out of walls. The usual wallpaper is replaced by magnetic one. Children can create their own stories and interact with the characters using such wall. The wallpaper is decorated by castles and forests, and the characters of the fairy tales are flying pigs, geese and frogs, which are attached to a set of the interactive wallpaper.

Magical Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng

Magical Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng 

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