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Mistakes in Choosing Window Treatments

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Proper design of windows can completely transform the entire room. Here we face a challenge of a wide choice of curtains textiles and cut options that can easily confuse even the most experienced home owner.

Basic Mistakes When Choosing Window Treatments

Long curtains

Long curtains

We often make mistakes when choosing curtains, as we rely solely on our own taste, forgetting about the other nuances that can make a huge difference in the overall design of the room. Based on this, we have prepared a top list of the most common mistakes.

Mismatching density of curtains and tulle

Proponents of the classical design of windows should remember one simple rule when using curtains and tulle: tulle should be lighter than curtains. Otherwise, the overall composition will look too heavy. By maintaining the balance of textures, you allow different types of textiles to complement and not overshadow each other.

Curtains for living and bedroom

Curtains and tulle for living and bedroom

Too bright textile accents

According to leading design experts, you can see that the design of the window is not a separate composition, but a part of the room. Do not choose too colorful fabrics for decorating windows if the room is bright enough. Such an approach can lead to visual “congestion” of the interior. But if the room is decorated in neutral and monochrome halftones, then bright attractive curtains can be the right choice.

Excess of accessories

There is a great choice of different accessories, like magnetic holders for curtains, tassels and fringe. But this does not mean that they will surely decorate the window composition. They can easily become an indicator of excess and bad taste, especially in those cases, where the window decoration already includes various pelmets, ties and so forth. Accessories are a great addition, if the interior is decorated in an appropriate historical style, for instance, such as Baroque.

Clean simple curtains for living room

Clean simple curtains for a living room

Incorrect length of curtains

Choosing blinds or curtains you should consider the room they will be hanging in. Based on this, it will be clear what length will be the most fitting. For example, on the kitchen window long curtains would be inappropriate and may cause discomfort. The same can be noted regarding nurseries. And in the bedroom or living room short curtains do not always look good, so it is better to give preference to longer models.

Curtains for kitchen

Curtains for kitchen

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