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Eco-Friendly House In Berlin

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This eco-friendly solar-powered house is actually an extension that was attached to an existing building. A single-family prefabricated abode features a rather interesting green facade that thanks to tile in different shade of green looks pixelated. Insulated with cellulose this amazing house camouflages to match the trees on the building site.

Eco-Friendly House With Pixelated Facade

Luxury Tribeca Penthouse,

Eco-friendly house in Berlin

The house that is attached to the side of the building is a multi-level stucture with numerous skylights and small windows and a glass entrance that leads to the walled yard. On the inside the house is designed in white and features dark wood flooring.

The staircase that leads to the second floor is unusual. It features angular steps and thin railings. It also elegantly bends towards the first floor and looks as if it grew out of the wall.

Of course, the facade is the most interesting part of the design. White and green rounded tiles are arranged in a certain pattern using darker shades of green towards the ground. The effect is both camouflaging and decorative as the green shades are similar to greenery that grows at the vicinity of the house and at the same time the tiles look pixelated from afar.

You can see from the photos that the house was structured out of lightweight wood. The original frame already features the windows and walls between the rooms.

This reminds us of a parasitic architecture that uses the existing structures to provide them with all the amenities. Though from the description it becomes clear that this house doesn’t use conventional systems but rather goes off the grid with the solar powered heating system.

What do you think about this eco-friendly house?

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