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Round House: Loukas Residence

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Loukas Residence is a round house designed by Vardastudio Architects & Designers. The round shaped concrete house has a look of a defensive tower and was designed to become a barrier between the site and a busy road the house stands by. The semicircle inner yard includes a swimming pool that mimicks the house’s shape.

Round House: Loukas Residence

The house features slim windows that face the pool and partly unfinished walls that exposed the concrete blocks. The entrance features a structured doorway and the walkway toward it is paved with wooden planks and illimunated with ground lights in the evening.

The square windows are facing the main road and they are protected with shutters which give both protection and privacy to the residents. The inner yard is finished with wood which makes for a convenient terrace-like space for the swimming pool.

Numerous windows provide the house with daylight and the view of the stylish yard. The house lighting is built-in and the interior design is modern and polished.

The space is divided into zones. There is a living space with an angled sofa and a square coffee table. Behind it is an area with the dining set and a kitchen with bar counter and stools. The hallway block which is yellow if you look from the exterior contains a home office which is set right next to the big window.

Even the bathroom overlooks the swimming pool also featuring different colored walls just like the rest of the design. White and concrete walls are contrasted with black furniture, wooden doors and frames and black feature walls.

The exterior also features some color blocks that contrast with the overall concrete design, like a bright yellow hallway block and a red inclusion in the house architecture. What do you think about this residence?

Round Loukas Residence

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