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Castle Renovation In England

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Old castles have that special appeal. This amazing Astley castle in Warwickshire, England was once a fortified manor of the royal family but later was turned into a hotel. After two years of neglect the building was renovated by Watson Mann Architects. The Landmark Trust, a charity that restores buildings like towers, castles, forts, and follies, held a competition for architects to get ideas for renovation of the Astley castle.

Renovated Astley Castle In England

Castle Renovation In England

Renovated Astley castle in Warwickshire, England

The winner firm Watson Mann Architects chose a preservation approach when creating a renovation plan. The architects wanted to restore the spaces to their original purposes only with help of new furnishings and materials.

For instance, the central staircase is made of modern materials while the old ruins are enhanced with brick that matches the original feel of the structure but is also visually distinguishable.

The castle appears almost untouched especially from the outside. On the inside, however, there are modern furnishings that mildly contrast with the historic architecture. The living areas are located on the first floor while the ground floor is filled private spaces including bedrooms and bathrooms.

The historic building features a kitchen and a beautiful airy formal dining room finished with brick, big windows and a wooden ceiling with a huge skylight that floods the room with light. The absent walls and elements are filled with modern brick accenting the old masonry. The seams between new and old brick give a nice contrast allowing to see the original building from the new constructions.

The surrounding area is very green featuring lawns, trees and gardens. You can book a stay in the castle for a holiday and enjoy both the historic architecture and a new knot garden. What do you think?

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