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Industrial Chic Living Room Design Ideas

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Industrial living room can be very stylish but it can also be quite cozy too. To create industrial style cozy living room is quite easy. Adding lots of light, rugs, throw pillows, and coverlets to the seating area will help create a more lived-in look.

Industrial Chic Living Room Design Ideas

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls in industrial chic style are somewhere near the exposed brick. Concrete has a heavy unfinished look which in contrast with the homely furniture and stylish industrial accessories carries the style through.


To make the living room more inviting and comfy use area rug or a carpet. They will make the room look more homey and add a nice contrast to the metal textures and heavy industrial furniture and light fixtures.

Chandelier In Style

Add industrial lighting to the room to complete the industrial look. Task lights and other purpose lights also in industrial style will emphasize the look and add plenty of light to the decor.


Fireplace is an ultimate detail that adds cozy feel to any room. The abundance of metal in industrial style homes can create a cold atmosphere. Adding a fireplace to the industrial living room will make it look and feel more homey and warm.

Industrial Chic Living Rooms:

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