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A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

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Free-standing kitchen units are an amazing design solution for bigger homes, the unusual way to divide space in places like warehouses and lofts. These are more than just kitchen islands. The structures like Philippe Starck’s Duality or a kitchen in Home 07 by i29 l interior architects allow to not only place a kitchen in any location but also use it as a whole separate architecture sturcture within the house or a wall for hanging shelves and storing books.

A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

Home 07 by i29 l interior architects

The floor-to-ceiling kitchen units take the kitchen away from the walls and may allow access it from more than one side. It is also a great way to create a zone within a room rather than splitting space into small boxy rooms.

Graft design studio created a kitchen unit for the loft made of wood. The faceted structure includes cooking area, cabinets and storage. The structure stands in the middle of the room adding an incredible detail to the white spacious room. Thus the space is divided but not entirely enclosed and is still airy and open.

A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

Duality by Philippe Starck

This is a great example of how to fill in the space but not ruin the open layout of the place. This sort of structure creates a corridor, a wall, another dimension in the room and still acts as a part of the room not a divider in conventional sense.

Of course, there are limitations to such free-standing units as space and mobility but they can definitely make an impression in the loft or other spacious repurposed building as well as help effeciently use all the space.

A Word About Free-Standing Kitchen Units

Loft Hamburg by Graft

Take a closer look at Graft’s wooden kitchen unit in the gallery. What do you think about free-standing kitchen unit dividers?

Free-Standing Kitchen Units

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