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Unexpected Architectural Detail In Keyhole House

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Architectural details can make for a very interesting look even in simplest of structures. Keyhole House designed by EASTERN Design Office is a small minimalist building standing on an area of 103.47 square meters. Featuring a failry traditional shape the Keyhole house has an unexpected detail at the entry, a cutout half frame outlining the doorwat allowing the light and the outdoor views to be seen from the inside.

Keyhole House Design

Unexpected Architectural Detail In Keyhole House

Designed in minimalist style the Keyhole House doesn’t feature any windows at the ground floor. The light comes into the house through skylights and other small windows while making for a very secure and private abode. The only window-like detail in the facade of the house is this ‘keyhole’ detail at the doorway that acts as a way for residents to see what’s outside and  also allows a little light in.

The side of the house features several square windows and a peak into which skylights are installed. The way that windows are scattered across the second floor make for an interesting unconventional assymetric look, which definitely captures attention.

Unexpected Architectural Detail In Keyhole House

At night the ‘keyhole’ is the only lit thing that allows a peek inside the house. It contrasts with the cold blue architecture with its warm yellow glow which makes this architectural detail stand out.

Featured instead of a conventional window the ‘keyhole’ detail really does make for a subtle but attention-grabbing twist in the minimalist design. A purple door also adds a needed accent to the facade.

The keyhole allows to see and be aware of what’s going in the immediate area of the house but without exposing too much of a private living space. It’s delicate but also noticable especially in the dusk. What do you think about the Keyhole House design?

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