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Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

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Marble is a beautiful stone that’s often used in bathroom design. Thanks to its veined texture and crystal composition marble is highly valued as a decorative stone. There are various types of marble that are found worldwide and not only in white and gray but also black, violet, green, yellow, red, pink, blue and purple colors.

Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

Marble Finish

Marble is usually used as a finishing material in the bathroom. It makes for great decorative wall and floor finish and can be used sparsely as well as extensively depending on individual needs and tastes. Marble with small veins and patterns is usually used in both walls and floors while the marble with strong prominent veins is used on the feature wall.

Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

Marble Furnishings

Marble vanities and counter tops are also quite widespread and can be seen in many bathroom designs. But there are also sinks and bathtubs available in marble. These can make for great marble accents in the bathroom.

Marble Bathrooms

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