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Domino Clock from Carbon Design Group

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Domino Clock is a project of Carbon Design Group, a Seattle company that specializes in technology, engineering, research, and of course design. Made of three huge dominoes the clock indicates time with help of white dots that move back and forth from white to black. The first domino indicates hour, second and third-minutes. A simple reading of dominoes helps identify what time is being indicated on the clock.

Domino Clock from Carbon Design Group

Since Carbon Design Group also seek technological solutions that they face while working on their projects the Domino Clock, which was quite challenging turned out stylish, completely silent, and very unusual in terms of the concept. The aesthetics of the Domino Clock makes it suitable for many room designs. The black and white color combination and clear design makes it perfect for contemporary and modern style decor. It can hang on the wall or stand free.

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    What is the price of the domino clock?

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