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Gradient Wooden Floors Look Like They’re Glowing

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Flooring manufacturer Berti has partnered with Diesel fashion brand’s home design label Diesel Living to create a line of floors that includes a gradient design with a glowing effect. Called Shadow the gradient designs look amazing. The shadow effect of the color makes it look like the floors have built-in lights. The white version looks especially radiant.

There are also other beautiful decorated floor designs from Berti both from their own collection and designed with Diesel Living. Two of them are the grey and brown camouflage floors that would definitely look fresh and unexpected in a modern home or office.

Berti’s own collection is full of patterned floors and carved out shapes. They use contrast of natural wood colors and textures as well as paints to create fresh interesting floors. These definitely will leave an impression.

Gradient Wooden Floors

White wooden floors

Black wooden floors

Red brown wooden floors

Camouflage wooden floors

Grey camouflage wooden floors

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