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Squeeze It: Salt + Pepper Squeezers from Flip & Tumble

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Flip & Tumble has come up with a new idea of spicing up the meals. These squish-able Salt + Pepper Squeezers are both fun and functional. If you want an element of surprise on your table Salt + Pepper Squeezers are the way to go. In order to spice up the meals just squish them squeezers and the spice will come out.

Squeeze It: Salt + Pepper Squeezers from Flip & Tumble

The Salt + Pepper Squeezers are available in yellow, lime green, and black and white at $24 for a set. The Salt + Pepper Squeezers are small, cute, and fun. They are also airtight which prevents spillage.

Give these squishy spheres a squeeze for a fun new way to dispense seasoning! Once you’re done, give them a roll to pass the salt.

Flip & Tumble

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