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Flat Bulb – Easy To Carry And Use

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Flat Bulb is an invention of Korean designer Joonhyun Kim that makes the light bulb more usable and stackable due to its practical shape. Kim has decided to redesign an iconic pear-shaped light bulb into a more practical one that’s easy to hold, carry and store.

Flat Bulb - Easy To Carry And Use

Even if it’s not in a package it can be stored on a flat surface without the risk of rolling and breakage. It’s easy to carry from the store as it can be stacked and easily packed with other products. It won’t easily crush , roll away, or easily slip from hand.

Flat Bulb - Easy To Carry And Use

Flat Bulb is 1/3 smaller than the original as its two bulging sides were flattened to achieve sleek and even shape. The bulb looks unusual and cool. It is a nice optimization of something as simple and common as light bulb.

Flat Bulb - Easy To Carry And Use

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