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3 Things To Remember When Installing Solar Panels

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Between Californian drought and dangerous cyclones threatening to drown countries in years’ worth of precipitation the climate change is becoming a hot issue day after day. And while addressing climate change requires government level of involvement, going green on an individual level might inspire more people to follow suit.

Tips on Installing Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels

Green energy isn’t easy to come by especially on an individual level or at least it wasn’t until the American government began offering tax credits and incentives to those who choose solar power reducing the cost of solar panels below $10,000. Other sources might make neighbors frown and complain but solar panels are quiet, clean, and can even look good. There are also a few things to keep in mind when installing solar panels.

Installing a rooftop solar panel system is most prudent as it won’t take any additional space and will be most effecient at soaking up those sunrays. But if your roof is vaulted, make sure the solar panels are facing the sunny side to ensure more effeciency.

If you are worried about the look you can invest in some colored solar panels that will blend with your roof or the surface on which you are planning to install them. But be aware that darker colors are better at absorbing more energy while shiny colors are better at reflecting that energy.

If you dont want to cover your roof, you could hide your solar panels in the backyard on top of a car port, a canopy, or the roof of some other premise. But again you have to make sure that these premises get enough sun exposure to make enough energy to cover your needs.

At this point we wouldn’t worry about the looks and get the most of the solar panels as they are an effecient and clean source of renewable energy that has become so much more affordable to homeowners for the last ten years.

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