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Pantone Christmas Baubles

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Speaking of Pantone, the design studio Badini Createam created a range of Christmas baubles in ten main Pantone hues for Seletti. The Pantone Christmas Baubles are made of glass and are painted in Pantone-standardized colors of red, blue, green, pink, orange, gray, purple and yellow.

The baubles are almost entirely painted in Pantone hues with Pantone logo on the white half of the baubles and a number of each color. There is a pretty pink Honeysuckle 18-2120, a color of the year 2011, a beautiful turquoise 15-5519 that was a color of the year 2010, a bright yellow Mimosa 14-0848 the color of the year 2009 in the bauble collection.

Pantone Christmas Baubles

Acurately Colored Pantone Christmas Baubles

Created in 1963 Pantone system for identifying and matching colors made it easier to work with the colors and standardize them for the graphic arts industry. As Pantone developed it adapted its color matching system for other spheres like architecture, textiles, plastics, digital technology, interiors, and paint as well.

The company has even collaborated with a beauty retailer Sephora to help their customers to choose the right foundation for their skin tone. Using the company’s special textile scanner CAPSURE to identify and analyze customers’ skin tones the system then matched them to the collection of foundation products in Sephora’s assortment to find a perfect tone for each individual customer.

But the Pantone’s system is also used by fashion and interior designers as well as tetile manufacturers, to identify, communicate and gather colors in color palettes. The system consists of 2,100 colors that come in cotton and paper samples.

Pantone Christmas baubles are a great alternative to traditional Christmas ornaments. They are glossy but featuring no usual glitter and sparkle. They are also bright and colorful which makes them look great all together . Of course, you can choose a combination of two or three colors that will work best for you.

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