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Award-Winning Slim Chair

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This award-winning slim chair by the designer Shiang Ye is a cool sleek seating that can be incorporated into any design. Aptly called Slim has brought its creator a gold prize at IF Product Design Award 2011. The seating is a folding simple but sturdy chair that can be used in offices, public places, modern style homes.

Award-Winning Slim Chair

Folding furniture is a great space saver in small-spaced interiors. When it’s needed it can be easily pulled out from the closet or a corner and when there’s need for some additional free space it can be easily moved and stashed away. It is easy to move and store.

Award-Winning Slim Chair

Shiang Ye’s award-winning Slim chair is stylish and thin enough to make as much room around as possible. It is said to probably be the thinnest folding chair out there. But the Slim chair‘s thinness is not however an indicator of its fragility. The chair is said to be sturdy enough. Available in black and silver powder coating.

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  1. Robert Says:

    Very nice to see brilliant design and hope this also strong in sitting.

  2. Judi Says:

    Looking at the slim chair.
    It says it sturdier that you think but does not give weight limit. Can you tell me the weight limit please? Thanks

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