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Sand Vase Designs by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

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Sand vases designed by Yukihiro Kaneuchi were inspired by an old game that requires poles created from the sand. They have become the prototypes for “Sand“. The Sand Vases consist of a glass tube covered with sand and resin. The resulting look reminds of the pole of sand which truly justifies the collection name.

Sand Vase Designs by Yukihiro Kaneuchi

Yukihiro Kaneuchi:

Taking inspiration from the game ‘Bou-Taoshi’, I’ve created a series of vases made of sand and resin. The game is simple. First, players make a heap of sand and place a pole in the centre.Then each player takes turns removing sand, the one who causes the pole to fall loses. With its primitive element of creation and destruction, this game has been played for centuries. Here, the pole is transformed to a glass tube – time stopped with resin. The shape nears collapse, bringing a tension and delicate beauty to the flower.

The charm of Sand vases lies in their naturally-looking shape. The thin top prolongs the flower stem adding elegance to the earthly sand color. The design also looks as if a real sand was gathered into a pole on a shelf or other surface. Its wide base fits the surface closely making it look even more real.

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